Toleriane Eye Make-Up Remover packshot from Toleriane, by La Roche-Posay
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Toleriane Eye Make-Up Remover

Gentle make-up remover, packaged in single doses

Sterile single doses: 30 * 5 ml

What does it do?

Women with intolerant and very sensitive eyes. Suitable for contact lens users.
Gently and effectively removes make-up without rubbing, for people with sensitive eyes. Non-perfumed and preservative free, packaged in sterile single doses. It contains Sodium Hyaluronate and La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water.

Product efficacy

No parabens

La Roche-Posay follows strict formulations standards:
- 100% hypoallergenic skincare
- Non-comedogenic
- High concentration of selected ingredients with Thermal Spring Water
- Minimal ingredients and fragrance
- Tested on sensitive skin


Gently removes eye make-up, whilst being delicate on sensitive skin. With limited ingredients, the Toleriane range is ideal for intolerant skin.

Application advice

Soak a cotton ball. Press onto the closed eyelid. Wipe gently without rubbing. Use a new cotton ball for each eye. Not suitable for waterproof make-up. External use.



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