5 ways hot yoga can help acne-prone skin by expert Charlie Hagan

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It’s not very often that a day goes by without someone telling you how great yoga for a plethora of ailments. But can yoga also help those suffering from acne-prone skin? How can the art of yoga work on your breakouts? We’ve asked Charlie Hagan, head of training and nutrition at Hagan & Pappin in London how getting zen can work on acne.

5 ways hot yoga can help acne-prone skin by expert Charlie Hagan
5 ways hot yoga can help acne-prone skin by expert Charlie Hagan

1) Sweat it out – helping acne prone skin by clearing pores

Charlie says, “Clogged pores contribute to acne and hot yoga causes sweating which can help open the pores.” His top tip is to shower immediately after working out to avoid any bacterial build up.

2) Better cardiovascular health

Exercise is good for you. We all know that, so it comes as no surprise when Charlie adds that “yoga increases the heart rate and that can improve cardiovascular health, increasing the blood flow and nourishing the skin.” This is great for your entire body, and its largest organ: the skin.

3) Just relax!

The link between stress and acne has been made time and time again so we know that being more relaxed really helps our skin’s condition. Charlie confirms that “yoga has been shown to aid relaxation for the body. This helps lower the stress hormone cortisol that helps the immune system.”

4) Stretch away toxins

There’s more to it than relaxation; yoga and exercise means muscles are hard at work and that means toxins are being eliminated from the body. “Yoga can stretch muscles releasing trapped toxins into the body where they are flushed out,” says the yoga expert.

5) Oxygenate the skin

As for the technical side of things, Charlie adds thatyoga helps circulation which can increase oxygen delivery to skin cells” and that, we’re told, is a positive thing to help heal, regenerate and resource our skin cells.