• Very high broad-spectrum protection. Protects against UVA and UVB rays. Helps protects against the effects of infrared and pollution
  • Helps prevent premature skin ageing, fine lines and sun-induced wrinkles
  • Specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Clinically tested on those with skin prone to acne, eczema and allergies
  • 99% of dermatologists would recommend Anthelios
  • Available in three unique textures, tailored to your skin-type
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Protect yourself and your loved ones with Anthelios

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Dr Hiva Fassihi

“Many of my patients complain about how difficult it is to find a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate their skin or feel heavy and sticky. It’s a shame because there are some great products in the market that are light-weight and pleasant to wear. Applying sunscreen needn’t be a chore. La Roche-Posay have an amazing sunscreen range. They’ve got something for everyone. There’s really no excuse not to use sun protection. I would recommend that you wear a high SPF everyday because it does make a difference – both to how you age and to protect you from developing skin cancer in the long-term”
Dr Hiva, Consultant Dermatologist, London
  1. Anthelios XL Spray SPF 50+


    Anthelios XL Spray SPF 50+
    Exceptionally high sun protection body spray specifically formulated for sensitive skin.
  2. Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid SPF 50+


    Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid SPF 50+

    An exceptionally high broad-spectrum protection facial sunscreen for normal to combination sun-sensitive skin. Lightweight texture.

  3. Anthelios Invisible Anti-Shine Mist 75ml


    Anthelios Invisible Anti-Shine Mist 75ml
    Anthelios’ first very high UVA and UVB protection in the lightness and freshness of a thermal spring water
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    Save Your Skin - Sun Protection
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