Beauty blogger Tahira shares her 4 autumn day-time makeup tips for acne-prone skin

Beauty blogger Tahira shares her 4 autumn day-time makeup tips for acne-prone skin
Beauty blogger Tahira shares her 4 autumn day-time makeup tips for acne-prone skin

Autumn is here and it’s goodbye to beach bodies and hello cosy knitwear and golden leaves. It’s also a great excuse to update your wardrobe and your look. We speak to Tahira, makeup artist and expert of about her top tips for taking care of your skin this season.

Invest in some good autumn skincare
Temperatures are dropping, the wind is picking up, and you’ve turned on the heating so it’s time to give skin the autumn treatment. At the end of the summer, skin tends to be dehydrated anyway due to the change in temperature and especially after a holiday, acne-prone skin can suffer from the blues and flare up, but for Tahira, “Good skincare is the foundation of good makeup.”

Cleansing the skin daily with adapted skin care and The Skin Edit recommends the Effaclar range’s purifying foaming gel, which cleanses oily skin and helps to control excess sebum while respecting skin sensitivity. The astringent lotion is especially good to replace exfoliating, which can really strip the skin and therefore cause excess sebum production. It has a micro-exfoliating action that unblocks and even reduces the size of pores. Using a hydrating mask to refresh tired and draw skin is also key.

Try a lighter bronzer
You worked hard to obtain that sunny glow, and it’s hard to let it go, but tans fade and this summer’s sun-kissed glow is disappearing fast. To keep the illusion going, it’s best to opt for a lighter bronzer to phase it out, rather than hold onto the darker shade. It will also give you a healthy glow that’s adapted to the season, and will make you feel more confident as you won’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the day.  

Try something new
Try a bright colour to take attention away from the problem area on your skin. Tahira says, “Try a bright lipstick if you usually go for nude tones or try this season’s modern gothic look and give blackberry or deep plum lips a try.” It’s also worth noting gloss is in again, and it does a great job at diverting attention away from a breakout.

Add sparkle
Just because you have acne does not mean you can’t have a little bit of fun with your makeup and follow fashion trends. The catwalks for autumn/winter 2016 were all about sparkle and glitter, so why not experiment with a toned-down version and a little shimmer to those eyelids? Blue eye shadow is also back with a bang! Or for something a little more festive, gold is also in and will fit right in with the turning colour of the leaves this season.