Cleansing and Moisturising Very Dry Skin

A comforting cleansing and moisturising routine can sooth

A comforting cleansing and moisturising routine can soothe very dry skin – as well as helping protect it. A weakened skin barrier is one of the characteristics of very dry and sensitive skin. Careful cleansing and moisturising with the right products can help reinforce and protect the skin barrier, as well as helping with feelings of tightness and discomfort.

Cleansing and Moisturising Very Dry Skin
Cleansing and Moisturising Very Dry Skin

Here are a few tips for creating a skincare regime for very dry skin:

Get to know your skin

If you have very dry skin, it’s important to first understand what it responds well to and what’s not right for it. The same goes for children with severely dry skin. Once you’ve discovered products that will help soothe and comfort the skin, you can develop a skincare regime that will keep it feeling hydrated and soft.

Have a routine

To make sure your skin gets the expert care it needs, it’s important to have a routine of gentle cleansing and moisturising, as well as ways to soothe the skin in between washes. Keeping your regime simple and straightforward will make it easier to stick to.

Choose a gentle cleanser

Serverely dry skin can be irritated by some soaps and feel tight after cleansing. But without cleansing, moisturising can be less effective, as moisturising after washing helps lock in water. Water which helps soften skin. Look for a cleanser and bodywash that don’t contain fragrances and soap that can make severely dry skin feel uncomfortable. Also look for a skin neutral pH. Cleansing oil that replenishes lipids can work well with sensitive skin, as well as protecting against the drying effects of hard water.

Find the right moisturiser

To reduce the feeling of severe dryness and avoid irritation, look for a moisturiser that’s quickly absorbed into the skin, as well as being fragrance free. Severely dry skin can affect particular areas of the body such as the hands, so you may also want to look for an effective, water resistant handcream.

Soothe your skin

gentle product like thermal spring water will help comfort and soothe very dry skin.

Be Gentle

Very dry, sensitive skin needs gentle treatment, so take great care, especially around delicate areas, when you cleanse and moisturise. Apply all products very gently and don’t scrub, tug or rub severely dry skin.