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How effective are facials for acne?

How effective are facials for acne?

Many clients try facials to get rid of acne rather than seeing a dermatologist. This often just leads to more frustration, as facials don’t always help clear the skin. Facials performed at a medi-spa or by an aesthetician cannot get to the root cause of acne. In fact, acne facials tha... t include steam treatments, pore extractions, and exfoliating scrubs or creams can often irritate the skin and exacerbate redness and acne lesions. This can lead to discoloration and scarring.

If you’ve noticed that facials are irritating your skin or causing a worsening of your acne, you aren’t alone. Skip the facials and see a GP or dermatologist instead. Dermatologists are able to go after the root cause of acne -- overactive oil glands, skin bacteria, and clogged pores -- and can help clear acne, prevent acne from coming back, and prevent acne scarring.

This article reflects the opinion of Dr Shirley Chi and is intended as general information only.  You should seek advice from a professional before starting any new regime or course of conduct.