How to cover acne with makeup

How to cover acne with makeup
How to cover acne with makeup

The best acne treatment starts with clearing—not concealing. But, what can you do to help hide the acne you have while undergoing acne treatment? Our friends at Dermablend have mastered the art of covering up. What follows are their tips for concealing acne without triggering future breakouts.

- Skin that breaks out with pimples and acne tends to have more texture (i.e.; it’s more bumpy and rough than smooth to the touch). For this reason, Dermablend recommends formulas that have a liquid base that will melt over skin regardless of its texture.

 - Products like Smooth Liquid Camo, Quick-Fix Concealer and Smooth Indulgence Redness Concealer apply seamlessly to skin while flawlessly camouflaging concerns for a soft, natural finish.

- Follow our step-by-step tips for camouflaging acne with Smooth Liquid Camo:

STEP 1: Apply Smooth Liquid Camo using either fingertips, makeup sponge or foundation brush.

STEP 2: Work from the inside of face outward using light strokes.

STEP 3: If more coverage is needed, dab more products onto the desired area and blend outward.

STEP 4: Always set each layer of foundation with Dermablend Setting Powder.

 STEP 5: Apply a generous amount of Setting Powder. Allow to set for 2 minutes then brush off excess powder with a brush.


Dermblend Professional was created by a dermatologist and is the #1 dermatologist recommended camouflage brand with formulas that go beyond coverage to camouflage. No wonder they know what they are talking about when it comes to camouflaging acne flawlessly!