How to cover blackheads with makeup

How to cover blackheads with makeup
How to cover blackheads with makeup

Blackheads are notoriously difficult to treat. For those looking for a solution to hiding their imperfections, a combination of skincare and makeup is the key.

Makeup artists recommend using concealer before foundation as this will give you a clear indication of how much foundation is required. Applying concealer first will allow you to assess which areas still need coverage, and you may find that your concealer evens out your skin tone and disguises minor blemishes already. If you have applied a light coverage concealer and find yourself needing more coverage, perhaps on areas of inflammation or more severe imperfections, follow up with foundation.

Light coverage

Those suffering from blemishes often feel like they should pile on full coverage to mask the problem. For blackhead sufferers a good BB cream can work just as well, even if it is lighter.

We’ve all heard of BB creams before, they are the blemish balms that offer some of the coverage of a concealer with added skin benefits. Effaclar BB Blur takes it to the next level with a lightweight mousse formula that offers great coverage. Instantly blurring the appearance of blemishes and blackheads, BB Blur uses BB pigments to visually blur pores and problem areas. The formula further addresses skin concerns with ingredient Airlicium, which absorbs oil all day long, leaving skin looking matte and fresh.

Effaclar BB Blur is a great coverage option for those looking for a light breathable texture with powerful ingredients and great coverage.


If you find yourself needing a little extra coverage on your problem areas use a buildable foundation to address any imperfections which are still visible.

Vichy Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation is great for those with blemish-prone skin because of its liquid consistency. This means that you can apply it easily to all the difficult-to-reach parts of your face, which is often where blackheads lurk. The fluid foundation offers high coverage, which is buildable over particularly troublesome areas. Long-lasting, the formula is ideal for reliable all day coverage, and the breathable texture mimics your own skin to ensure a natural finish.

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When applying your foundation or concealer be sure to keep your makeup tools clean. Dr Daisy Bennett stresses the importance of your application method, ‘If you're going to use your hands keep them clean, and make sure your brushes or sponges don’t harbour any bacteria by cleaning them regularly’. 

Once you have applied your preferred coverage use a setting powder to keep your concealing in place.



By dusting a setting powder over your problem areas you are not only helping to set your concealer and ensure longer wear, but it will also counteract any shine you may have. Use a loose translucent powder and apply sparingly with a large powder brush.

Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder will help your makeup last longer by creating a smudge-resistant layer. The translucent powder is the perfect final step for those looking to lock in their concealing and skincare. 

This article reflects the opinion of Dr Daisy Bennett and is intended as general information only. You should seek advice from a professional before starting any new regime or course of conduct.