How to quickly calm redness

  • Calm red skin with gentl
  • Calm red skin with gentle skincare products, specifically formulated for reactive, redness-prone skin
  • Adopt Toleriane Ultra, endorsed by the UK British Allergy Foundation
How to quickly calm redness
How to quickly calm redness

4 quick ways to calm red skin: 
Suffering from red, irritated, dry or over sensitive skin? Here are some simple steps to soothe your skin.


Step 1 – Adapt your skincare routine
Remember to steer clear of potential triggers that may irritate your skin. This can be as simple as the temperature of the water you are using (too hot or too cold) to the way you cleanse – always dab, rather than rub!


Step 2 -  Find the right products
Seek out products with gentle formulas. “Avoid harsh cleansers or grainy scrubs that can actually promote inflammation” adds dermatologist, Dr Justine Kluk


Step 3 – Don’t pick
By picking at your skin it will only worsen the irritation. Hands off!


Step 4  – Protect it!
By keeping skin protected with a moisturiser acting as a barrier, or an SPF creating a film over the skin, it will be less prone to irritations.

La Roche-Posay would recommend…


Toleriane Ultra

Endorsed by Allergy UK, Toleriane Ultra is specifically formulated for sensitive, redness-prone skin. Its minimalist Shea butter and glycerin formula brings comfort to dry skin and knows how to calm red skin.

La Roche Posay’s renowned Thermal Spring Water soothes and calms red skin, working as an anti-inflammatory and tones down itchiness, whilst Neurosensine soothes the skin. It’s suitable for combination to oily-prone skin, for use on the face and eyes. Durable relief is experienced after 4 weeks.