How to Reduce Blemishes in Your Skin

Is your skin prone to redness? Soothe your blemishes with this simple skincare regime…

Pesky red blemishes can be influenced by anything from your menstrual cycle to air pollution. But with a little know-how, you can dramatically reduce the appearance of your blemishes and conceal them without making them worse.Here’s a skin regime for reducing redness and restoring your clear, healthy glow…

How to Reduce Blemishes in Your Skin

Cleanse thoroughly

Blemishes can be the result of excess oil, make-up or dirt clogging up your pores. That’s especially true if you have sensitive or oily skin. A good daily cleanser will have you feeling fresh and clean and help keep your skin clear.

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Hydrate without oil

It’s a myth that people with oily skin shouldn’t moisturise. In fact, using the right oil-free moisturiser can help improve your skin’s appearance without adding any grease.

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Use thermal water to calm your skin

See a blemish appearing? Help soothe it with a spritz of thermal spring water. This can calm your irritated skin and help keep that redness at bay.

You could also try using an ice cube. First, wrap it in a clean muslin cloth or flannel. Hold it against the red area for about 5 minutes.Try La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water. Its combination of mineral salts and trace elements has been scientifically demonstrated to have soothing properties.

Use oil-free cover up

Oil-based concealers, BB creams and foundations will cover up your blemishes. But in the process, they could make them worse by clogging your pores with excess oil. Use an oil-free foundation and concealer to help keep your skin clear.

Change your regime with the weather

As autumn kicks in, you may want to migrate from light, summer BB creams to a foundation with heavier coverage. You might also need to hydrate more often in winter, as your skin can react to the colder weather by drying out. As soon as the weather gets chilly try a richer moisturising formula. You could also add a regular hydrating mask to your routine.

Wear SPF 15+ (whatever the weather)

The sun can damage your skin all year round. Make sure you wear a foundation or BB cream that offers a minimum of SPF 15 and UVA protection – even when the sun isn’t shining!

Stay away from chemically laden products

Putting your skin in contact with harsh chemicals can sometimes make your blemishes worse. Try to avoid using products that aren’t designed especially for blemish-prone, sensitive or oily skin.