My story: Like mother like daughter - "My teenager has acne... but so do I!"

My story: Like mother like daughter - "My teenager has acne... but so do I!"
My story: Like mother like daughter - "My teenager has acne... but so do I!"

Your teenage days are well behind you, and you've even got one of your own. But, unfortunately for many women, middle-age doesn't mean freedom from problem skin. Deb (51) and her daughter Leanne (17) both share the same dark hair and green eyes, but also both have acne. Here's their story.

Leanne: I started getting acne right around my first period, so around 13. A lot of my friends also had similar skin problems, breakouts, whiteheads, blackheads, swelling, so we'd all share the latest treatment and product ideas.

Deb: And that's when I hit the menopause! I should have foreseen the skin problems: when I was a teenager like Leanne, and then for both my pregnancies, I had acne breakouts. Whenever my hormones are unstable, my skin is too. So I tried using Leanne's face wash, moisturiser, whatever new products she'd bring home.

Leanne: She'd use them before I even had a chance!

Deb: Sorry! But they didn't work. Sometimes the face washes even made my skin worse - it felt dry all the time.

Leanne: It was weird. When something worked for me, mum would try and then her skin would get even worse.

Deb: That's when I went to a dermatologist. I brought Leanne along with me so that she could get a consultation too, and they told us about how teenage and adult acne are different, and how they can't be treated in the same way. Where Leanne's skin was still young and strong, mine was thinner and more sensitive, which is why her skincare products were too harsh for me.

Leanne: You'd get red bumps around your chin, whereas mine were mostly spots around the forehead.

Deb: Yes, apparently that's typical of adult acne compared to teenage acne. So we went our separate ways when it came to treatment. Leanne found a brand that cleansed her pores without drying out her skin, and her face cleared up, especially in the last year. I had to go on medication for a period of time, but I started a skincare routine using a brand formulated specifically for sensitive skin undergoing, or having undergone, treatment. I've stuck with it since and, four years later, my skin is under control and I'm getting to the end of the menopause.

Leanne: There are two calmer, less spotty women in the house...

Deb: Yes, I guess your dad and brother appreciate that too!