The Best Sunscreen for Skiing: Anthelios Pocket


  • Intensity of harmful UV rays increa


  • Intensity of harmful UV rays increase with altitude, and snow’s reflection almost doubles the skin’s exposure to UV.
  • Applying sunscreen on the slopes can be tricky due to oversized and cumbersome bottles.
  • The Anthelios Pocket sunscreen fits neatly into a ski jacket pocket and has a practical lid.


The Best Sunscreen for Skiing: Anthelios Pocket
The Best Sunscreen for Skiing: Anthelios Pocket

If you're a seasoned skier, you'll know how tricky it can be when it comes to protecting your skin from damaging UV rays when up in the mountains. From oversized sunscreen bottles that don't fit in your jacket pocket, to fiddly lids that don't close properly, it's tempting just to leave the sunscreen at the chalet. Here's why you definitely shouldn't, as well as our ideal solution for quality sun protection, so that you can stay safe on the slopes!

UV intensity in the mountains

Did you know that every 1000m altitude increases UV intensity by 10%, and that UV radiation reflects more strongly off the snow, almost doubling your exposure*? These two factors explain why skiers can quickly end up with bright red noses and goggle marks if they don't regularly apply high factor sunscreen throughout the day!

La Roche-Posay recommends

La Roche-Posay understands skiers' concerns when it comes to protecting their skin against the sun. Providing SPF 50+ protection, Anthelios Pocket and Anthelios Pocket Kids are designed to fit neatly and discreetly into a ski jacket. Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, it has a safe, yet easy-to-open lid, so you can discreetly and easily bring your sun protection to the slopes! Now you can go and enjoy the slopes and stay safe in the sun!