The Skin Edit’s 5 hottest healthy food restaurants in London

The Skin Edit’s 5 hottest healthy food restaurants in London
The Skin Edit’s 5 hottest healthy food restaurants in London

London has embraced the healthy eating trend with gusto. But where in the capital’s huge melting pot of deliciousness can one find the best super healthy food? We’ve scoured the city for the best of good food that’s sure to get your skin glowing from the inside out. tand asked travel writer and foodie Rowena Carr-Allinson for her favourite addresses, where the old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is a positive motto.

1. Global Foodie First Vita Mojo

For Rowena, “Vita Mojo is taking healthy eating to the next level. Their first store in St Paul's was such a hit that it’s now got a little sister in Spitafields. On the menu you’ll find juicy tender beef, tasty sweet potato mash, kale salad and 100,000 combinations of ingredients that you can choose to the gram.” Then the system calculates the exact carbs, calories, proteins and phytonutrients included.” This is the perfect way to get a bespoke menu suited to your needs, and thus your skin type.

2. Mae Deli by Deliciously Ella

Blogger and foodie sensation Deliciously Ella has launched her own Deli just off Oxford Street. After investigating healing through her diet due to a rare illness, Ella quickly became a point of reference.  Her plant-based dishes are natural and creative yet simple. Pick up a salad or a hot meal, or create your Mae bowl. Don’t miss the creamy porridge with homemade compote, or the ever-popular smashed avocado on rye toast. Avocados, like fish and nuts are essential fatty acids helping skin with moisture, and bringing along the much-needed vitamin E antioxidants.

3. The Detox Kitchen
The Detox Kitchen has outposts all over town. Their team of experts conjure up a nutrient rich, tasty and balanced menu once you’ve subscribed to the service for five days minimum. Pick from a selection of wheat, dairy and refined sugar free meals including fresh juices and shots, of the ginger or wheatgrass kind, of course. Think of all those antioxidants doing their good work as you munch on those tasty meals. Just the thing for better skin!

4. Snaps & Rye
Fancy a little Scandinavian in Notting Hill? Drop by Snaps & Rye on Golborne Road where you’ll enjoy good hearty yet healthy “smørrebrød” sandwiches topped with the likes of cured salmon, herring and accompanied by tasty crunchy pickles or veggie rich soups. Pick fish for omega 3 oils and veg soup for plenty of vitamins, but mind the potent aquavit cocktails.

5. Andina
For something different, head to Shoreditch to Andina. The Peruvian hotspot, sibling to the famous Ceviche, is just the place to combine hip and healthy. Superfoods on the menu include crunchy corns, plantain chips, lean grilled meat and of course, the famous Peruvian fishy Ceviche. Did you know lime and lemon juices are bursting with vitamin C, one of the best nutrients for your skin, leaving it bursting with energy and healing powers?