Truth or myth: wearing makeup to the gym makes acne worse

Truth or myth: wearing makeup to the gym makes acne worse
Truth or myth: wearing makeup to the gym makes acne worse

For those of us with acne-prone skin leaving the house without makeup on can be incredibly daunting and the prospect of sweating it out at the gym makeup-free isn’t all that appealing when we’re suffering from a breakout. As a result, we’re letting ourselves be tempted by hitting the gym heavily concealed – but the truth is that it does cause acne to flare up.

Could wearing makeup to the gym make acne worse?

The biggest problem with wearing makeup to the gym is the mixture of cosmetics with sweat. This combination is bad news for those with blemishes as it can block pores. Plugging pores with sweat and makeup could lead to new spots forming. Makeup also acts as a barrier that locks sweat in, which also increases the chances of pores becoming blocked.

There’s no need to skip that spinning class though!

If you feel really uncomfortable, then wear a little bit of concealer to give you the confidence to brave the gym, but avoid using oily products beforehand. These formulas are far too heavy for working out and once you start sweating they make your entire face greasy and will clog your pores. Instead use water-based products that don’t block pores, that are lightweight, and better suited to acne-prone skin.

Avoid applying thick layers of concealer or foundation; instead, try to use waterproof concealer only where you really need it. This will help your confidence once you start sweating. Avoid wearing eye makeup or lipstick; no one wants to emerge from an exercise session with makeup running down their face or serious breakouts.