Video: how can I avoid or reduce acne scars?

Video: how can I avoid or reduce acne scars?
Video: how can I avoid or reduce acne scars?


Even if we know we shouldn't, we all pop our spots sometimes. However, it can cause scarring of the skin. Acne expert Dr Tabi Leslie gives beauty blogger Viviannadoesmakeup advice about how to nip it in the bud before it's too late.

Viviannadoesmakeup: Scarring is a huge topic that I’m always being asked about - because I feel like at some point we have popped ourspots and I’m guessing that’s where it comes from?

Dr Tabi Leslie: Not necessarily but that is one way of getting scarring. The commonest way of getting scarring is when the inflammation is quite deep; when the pores have been blocked and there’s a lot of sebum or oil building up under the skin which is irritating other factors. And the fact that we have a bacteria sitting in our skin - in all of us - whereas when the pores are blocked the bacteria like the fact that there is no oxygen and they increase and that causes inflammation.

One of the commonest questions I’m asked by parents is why should my teenager or my child be treated for their acne when they’re going to grow out of it? And yes, most people grow out of their acne but they don’t grow out of their scars. The scars are permanent. And therefore, we always say treat rapidly, effectively and as sufficiently as possible to prevent scarring.

So almost act at the source, act when it’s happening…

Act as soon as you can to prevent it progressing to the state where it’s very difficult to reverse the scarring process.

That’s really good advice, thank you.