Video: should I pop my spots?

Video: should I pop my spots?
Video: should I pop my spots?

Viviannadoesmakeup: Whenever a spot comes up the urge to pop it, for me, is just so intense. Is that something I should be doing popping spots, yes or no?

Dr. Tabi Leslie: Are you successful when you try and pop your spots?

Kind of but I know that there’s this whole scarring thing going on probably underneath.

You probably are irritating it, and quite often they don’t pop anyway and if you irritate skin that’s already sensitive and has a spot there, you’re more likely to leave a mark even if you don’t scar.


Therefore, it’s best left alone and treated with skincare products or something that your doctor’s given you.

Even if it’s a really pussy whitehead?

You could try but you run the risk of leaving a mark.

Is it the same for whiteheads and blackheads or is it easier to pop one than the other, is it a bit more acceptable?

A blackhead is sebum that has been oxidised in an open pore and a whitehead is somewhere where the sebum or oil in the skin is trapped under skin. So an open pore would always be easier to squeeze than a closed pore but you still run the risk of inflammation.

So would the same go if I went to a dermatologists office, would they pop the spot or not?

Not usually, perhaps if there was a single isolated one they might, but on the whole we would want to do field treatment of your face to prevent other ones from coming and to treat the one that are there; either with creams that unblock the pore and also creams that prevent the pore getting blocked.

That’s good to know, I promise no more popping.