Video: should I use scrubs and exfoliants on acne?

Video: should I use scrubs and exfoliants on acne?
Video: should I use scrubs and exfoliants on acne?

When you suffer from acne, exfoliating can seem daunting. Acne expert Dr Tabi Leslie gives beauty blogger Viviannadoesmakeup advice about how to care for acne-prone skin properly.

Viviannadoesmakeup: So with my guy friends who suffer with acne-prone skin they always ask about scrubs. There always wanting to scrub their skin, what is your stance on exfoliants?

Dr Tabi Leslie: Well what’s your definition of a scrub?

I think when they think of scrubs, they think of more the beaded quite abrasive sort of formulas.

Right, so they may feel short-term benefit from them, but actually long term there causing inflammation and they may actually cause, especially in pigmented skin or skin of colour, they may actually cause an increase in pigmentation. They may actually perpetuate the acne more…

Make it worse?

By irritating it and making it worse. So you’re better off choosing a cream with an exfoliant or something that unclogs pores and removes the top layer of the skin such as creams containing salicylic acid or any of the other acids that are used.

I feel like a lot of people don’t know that, that even exists. There’s this whole chemical exfoliant world out there to try.

And I do get a lot of people who come to me saying ‘oh I used a scrub and look at my face, I think my scrub has ruined it.’ So you have to be very careful.

I think people love scrubs because it gives that really instant bright very smooth feeling skin, but what are the really long-term benefits but also disadvantages of using them.

Sure, I guess when your using a scrub you’re instantly removing some of the top layer of the skin, but you might actually be still clogging the pores. So initially you feel this, perhaps even a tingle-like and you think oh if it tingles it must be working…

Yeah! It’s doing something!

It must be doing something productive! But I think in the long-term it’s probably counterproductive.

Great tips, thank you.