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How to avoid a rash when shaving your beard

A hot bath or shower opens the pores and makes shaving easier. Clean your razor between shaves to prevent bacteria spreading. Use a barrier repair balm such as Cicaplast to soothe inflamed shaving rashes.
10 Aug 2020

Almost everyone who has ever shaved has experienced those itchy red bumps that can appear immediately or even hours afterwards. Shaving rash can happen to even the most careful shavers, and the results can be uncomfortable and unsightly. Here are three ways you can prevent shaving rash, and what to do in case it does reoccur.

1. Shave after a warm shower or bath

 The hot steam from a bath or shower opens the skin's pores, and softens the hard bristles of a beard, making shaving easier and more effective. A splash of cool water after shaving will tighten the pores back up again and leave skin feeling softer and refreshed.

2. Use a clean and sharp razor

Imagine cutting vegetables with a rusty knife. It's the same with your razor. A well-sharpened blade will make shaving quicker and you'll be less likely to irritate the surface of the skin. A clean razor is also important to avoid bacteria getting onto your skin and being spread.

3. Shave with the grain

Many men believe that shaving against the grain (against the natural growth direction of the hair) produces smoother results. In fact, you're more likely to cut or damage the skin and cause shaving rash. Always shave with the grain to minimise the risks of irritation.


La Roche-Posay recommends

Keep your skin free from irritation and inflammation by applying a soothing balm after shaving. Cicaplast Baume B5 by La Roche-Posay is a multi-purpose antibacterial cream that makes a perfect post-shaving balm. Enriched with soothing Madecassoside, Glycerin and Shea Butter, it can also be used on a variety of other skin irritations such as rashes, chapped skin, grazes and minor burns – preventing infection and calming sore, sensitive skin.

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