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7 best cleansers for sensitive skin

How to treat a dry, itchy or oily scalp

Socially embarrassing and physically uncomfortable, scalp skin problems such as itching, dryness or oil (even sometimes all three) can be very stressful for the sufferer. Let's have a look at what can cause the skin on your scalp to act up, and how you can treat it.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

How adding more seeds to your diet can help improve your acne

Another week, another super food! After avocados, kale and goji berries, it's now all about seeds. Stuffed with nutrients, the tiny little grains are gaining rave reviews and are an essential part of our diet. So, will they improve our skin? Can seeds really help us deal with breakouts? We check with Charlie Hagan, head of training and nutrition at Hagan & Pappin in London.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

SOS - Irritated bottom

;Nappy rash affects most babies at some point and is a benign condition Symptoms include irritation and redness and generally persist for 2-4 days Care for your baby's nappy rash by gently cleaning the area and soothing it with a protective, restorative cream
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

How to care for dry, itchy, eczema prone skin

How to manage dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin Learn how to manage eczema-prone skin and break the itch-scratch cycle If you have dry, itchy and eczema-prone skin, or have a child who does, you’ll be all too familiar with the impact it can have on your everyday life. From the way it looks to the discomfort it brings, you may find that your dry skin lowers your confidence and leaves you feeling itchy and irritable. So how can you help to ease the discomfort and form good and lasting habits that can help to reduce flareups?
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

How to treat Eczematous Lesions?

● Blisters are most commonly associated with dyshidrotic eczema, allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis.

● These extremely itchy eczema lesions usually develop on the sides of fingers, toes, palms and soles of the feet.

● Look for a PH-neutral topical ointment to soothe the skin while it heals.

What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Shaving sensitive skin: How to prevent shaving rash

Shaving can be a chore even when your skin is in perfect nick - it's doubly daunting when you are in the midst of a breakout. Ideally you should take a break until your skin heals but sometimes rugged stubble just won't cut it. Follow our top tips to ensure you get a perfect close shave without irritating your skin further.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Hormonal acne: could hormones be the cause of your acne?

You had flawless skin throughout your teens only to start breaking out in your mid-20s. You eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and have a suitable skincare routine, yet suddenly you look and feel like you're 30 going on 13. Read on to find out how hormones could be to blame for your blemishes.
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Can stress cause acne?

We've all been through times of high stress and suffered the consequences including sleepless nights, weight fluctuations and even hair loss. But prolonged bouts of worrying can also take their toll on your skin. For Dr Sarah Wakelin, makes a direct link between the skin and the mind. And there is growing evidence that stress can be an important factor in adult acne.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Why does dry skin itch?

There's nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your own skin! What we do know is that dry, itchy skin is part of a vicious circle.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

The best multi-purpose skin healing cream for the whole family

Life with children is often jam-packed, which is why many parents are looking to simplify their daily routines. Lipikar Baume AP+ provides a one-stop solution to your whole family’s skin concerns, acting as a moisturizer, nappy rash balm, wound healing treatment and after-shave cream. Fragrance-free and paraben-free, Lipikar AP+ is suitable for all skin types.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

The best anti-aging cream: Sunscreen

An estimated 80% of skin aging is caused by UV exposure. Choose a sunscreen whose texture is suited to your skin type. Certain sunscreens can also protect against pollution and free radicals.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?


There are several different ways your skin can show sensitivity: redness, oiliness, dryness. Adapt your skincare specifically to your skin type to avoid further irritation and improve your skin's condition. La Roche-Posay offers a wide range of moisturisers for all types of skin and sensitivity concerns.
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What is salicylic acid?

Salicylic acid is about as popular as a skincare ingredient can get, and has a reputation as the frontrunner in managing blemish-prone skin.
10 Aug 2020
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Avoid sweat spots: pre and post-exercise skincare advice

Whilst pushing your body you don't want to be punishing your skin. Those with acne-prone skin often find their blemishes worsen or increase in number after a sweaty gym session. If you're worried about your imperfections whilst working out, it's important to be attentive to your skin before, during, and after exercise.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

What is glycerin and what are its skin benefits?

It's an ingredient you may not have come across, but Glycerin will definitely feature in some of your skincare products. Whilst you may not have heard of it, this hard-working ingredient has a long list of benefits that will make you sit up and take notice.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Sunscreen for every skin type

Find the right suncare for you according to your skin type with our quick and simple guide. From sprays, to sticks, mists and lotions, how can you ensure which sunscreen is best for you? To help you get it right first time, we’ve created a simple guide to the La Roche-Posay suncare range based on your skin type.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

5 ways to treat baby and toddler eczema

Caring for your baby's eczema Eczema is most common among children Usually eczema appears in babies up to six months old and carries on until about five years of age before disappearing. You can care for your baby's eczema by remembering 5 simple tips
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

What Causes Eczema?

What Causes Eczema? Hayfever, changes in temperature, dust and chemicals are just a few elements that can trigger an eczema flare-up, leaving the skin feeling uncomfortable, dry and flaky. It might seem like life has endless pitfalls where sensitive skin is concerned but the good news is that becoming more familiar with common causes of eczema means you may be able to put some preventative steps in place. Here’s how to spot the signs of eczema-prone skin, find out what’s causing it and get your symptoms under control.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Helpful advice for dealing with teenage acne

by Adrien Dissous, La Roche-Posay US Editor Of the many things I was told as a teenager I would be wiser about when I became an adult, acne was never on the list. Thanks to my career in skincare, I am now much smarter when it comes to caring for my complexion, and wish I could go back in time to share them with my younger self to make my struggle with acne a lot less dramatic. I may not be able to turn back time, but I can hopefully help make a difference for anyone out there dealing with the frustrations of being a teen with acne.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

What’s the best sweat-resistant sunscreen?

When sweat evaporates off the skin it takes regular sunscreen with it.
Regardless of how thoroughly you apply your sunscreen, when it comes to activities in the sun, or even just perspiring by the pool, sweat can cause your sun protection to slide right off, leaving your skin exposed.
Most sunscreens are composed of liquid chemical compounds or fine mineral powders that don't adhere to the skin. Anthelios Ultra Comfort forms a moisturising, sweat-proof layer over the skin that doesn't sting the eyes.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

How to get rid of back and chest acne: top tips

Getting acne on your chest and back is really common and apart from the palms of your hands and feet you can get it absolutely anywhere on the body. Hands and feet are the only two areas that do not have a sebaceous gland, a small gland that produces sebum (natural oils) without which acne cannot form. What that means is that every pore and hair follicle has the potential to become blocked with oil and dead skin, which ends up giving you acne.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Acne and black skin: what you need to know

When it comes to treating acne prone skin, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it's best to identify the specific needs of your skin type first, taking into consideration age, lifestyle, and ethnicity.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

How to prevent wrinkles and premature skin ageing


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Sun Exposure

While you might love to feel the sun on your face, one of the major causes of skin ageing is exposure to UV rays. The damaging rays release their energy into the skin, producing harmful “free radicals” and altering the skin’s cells and fibres through oxidation. With age, the collagen fibres undergo glycation (action of sugars on proteins), making them rigid.

Oxidative stress weakens the cells

Our environment and lifestyle plays an important part in the ageing process. Pollution, alcohol and smoking are all contributing factors, generating ageing free radicals in the skin. Stress also plays a part. Proteins (collagen, elastane), cellular membrane lipids and DNA can be damaged causing disorders that can range from premature ageing to cancer. The good news is there are ways to protect ourselves against external damage.

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Moles

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Moles

A mole, also called a naevus, consists of a mass of brown-coloured cells that are generally found in the skin or mucus membranes. Known as melanocytes, these are the cells behind tanning or dark skin. Children have no moles when they are born. They begin to appear between the age of six months and a year and then continue to appear until adulthood.
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Toner Explained

A good-quality toner that’s right for your skin type can play an important role in looking after your facial skin.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

What is double cleansing and would a dermatologist recommend it?

Double cleansing is an Asian phenomenon that includes two separate cleansing stage - one to remove make-up and one for a deeper cleanse But over-washing can leave certain skin types too dry, or even lead to breakouts Choose your face cleanser according to your skin type and needs
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Our best cleansing products

Cleansing is one of the most important parts of any skincare routine. Sweeping away impurities, pollution, oil and makeup, this vital step helps the skin to stay fresh, clear and healthy. But what type of cleanser should you use for your skin type? Read on to learn about our best cleansers for oily, sensitive, dry and combination skin.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Did you know your skin has two barriers?

Your clever skin has not one but two protective layers to help fend off environmental aggressors. Find out what they are and how you can help ensure your skin barrier is working at its best.
7 best cleansers for sensitive skin

Serozinc: a new take on toning your skin

Cleanse, tone, moisturise, is the skincare mantra that has withstood the test of time. And while the backbone of any successful skincare regime is following these steps, choosing the right products can be far more challenging than the simple mantra lets on. A new kind of toner to help make your skincare routine as easy as it should be, Serozinc is great for addressing several types of skin concerns. And top bloggers agree.
7 best cleansers for sensitive skin

The best anti-aging regime

Always wear SPF Harness the power of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, to protect your skin from damage Regenerate your skin with Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Our day-to-day cleanser and moisturiser selection for those with acne-prone skin

For those with acne-prone skin, having a consistent daily skincare regime is important for so many reasons. Being persistent with your regime, and not chopping and changing products every week, will mean that acne-prone skin is less likely to become irritated by an overload of products. Patience is also important, products need to be given a proper chance to work otherwise they won't make any difference to your skin. Too many people who suffer from blemishes do not continue with their regimes long enough to see results. This is our selection of the day-to-day skincare products you should stick to if you want to see a difference in your acne-prone skin.