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How to cleanse skin and remove makeup

How to cleanse skin and remove makeup

Cleansing the skin each morning and evening is one of the most important ways you can help to maintain its health. Not only does this vital step remove makeup, pollution, dirt and debris from the day, it also helps to keep other concerns such as dehydration and breakouts at bay and maintain the skin’s barrier function. But with so many different products available and methods to try, how do you know where to start and what’s best for your skin type? Follow our simple tips to effective yet gentle cleansing.

Remove makeup first

If you wear makeup, it’s best to remove this first with a dedicated remover such as La Roche-Posay Eye Makeup Remover. Try not to go to bed without removing makeup as this can leave trapped dirt and pollutants in the skin – both of which will clog the pores, cause breakouts and leave the complexion looking dull.

When removing makeup such as mascara and eye liner from the eyes, drench two cotton pads in a cleansing milk or micellar water and hold them gently over the eyes. Then use sweeping motions to remove the makeup before continuing cleansing the rest of your face with a new cotton pad or cloth.

Choose a cleanser suited to your skin type

The cleanser you use on the rest of your face should be suitable for your individual skin type. Micellar Waters are an alternative to creamy cleansers and they attract impurities without penetrating the skin. If you prefer a cream or gel cleanser, be sure to choose one. Suitable for your skin type.

It cleanses and removes makeup from the skin without the need for rubbing which can create irritation. La Roche-Posay Micellar Water also gently cleanses the face, eyes and lips in a gentle pH that won’t disrupt the skin barrier, leaving it feeling clean and fresh.

Alternatively, if you have sensitive skin but prefer cleansing with water, then a product such as Toleriane Foaming Gel Cleanser is a great option. It’s enriched with Glycerine, La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water, and formulated with a PH of 5 that instantly soothes and moisturises irritated skin.

Use flannels, muslins and cleansing tools with care

Many people enjoy using a soft flannel, muslin or cleansing tool to cleanse the skin. These kinds of cleansing aids are great for helping to remove all traces of makeup and create a gently exfoliating action on the skin. It’s good to remember, however, that overly scrubbing at the skin, especially around the eyes, can create irritation so use them gently. Make sure you also wash flannels and cloths regularly and replace the heads of cleansing tools as often as advised by the manufacturer.

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