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How to hide scars with make-up

Scars caused by acne or other damage to the skin can be embarrassing when particularly obvious. By cleverly using makeup, both men and women can hide scars anywhere on the body, relieving any self-consciousness. Makeup artist and skin camouflage practitioner Charlotte Trendell shares her top tips.
10 Aug 2020

What is scarring?

Scarring is the natural result of our body healing from a wound. It occurs when the dermis, the thick, deeper level of the skin, is damaged. To repair the skin, the body creates a new layer of collagen fibres. But this new layer looks and feels different from the surrounding skin, which makes the scar stand out.

Hiding scars with makeup

Certified makeup artist and skin camouflage practitioner Charlotte Trendell has a lot of experience in teaching people how to cover up skin imperfections to regain confidence. She explains that, firstly, using makeup to cover scars and blemishes is not just for girls! In fact, she also has a wealth of tips for men too.

"[...] the male cosmetics and grooming sector has been subject to widespread research over the last decade; new products have been brought to market and the ease at which cosmetics can be reviewed and purchased online without the embarrassment of having to go into a store, has significantly contributed to the male beauty boom."

Advice from the expert

So, what are Charlotte's top tips when it comes to covering up acne scars?

On choosing foundation: "[...] keep in mind that some foundations have a tendency to clog pores and get mixed up with oil and dead skin cells, so look for oil-free foundations, and where possible ones that have been dermatologically tested”

How to use concealer: Charlotte recommends using a concealer over foundation in the same colour to hide scarring, "You can also dab on a bit of yellow concealer to the blemish to minimise any redness before adding a natural tone on top. I find yellow works far better than green, which when applied too heavily can look ashy".

Camouflage creams: To minimise the appearance of deeper scars as opposed to surface-level blemishes, Charlotte suggests a tailored camouflage cream: "As skin camouflage creams are highly concentrated you only need apply a light covering to the skin so it shouldn't feel like you're caked in makeup."

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