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What is the best concealer for blemish-prone skin?

In today's selfie-crazy world, with most of us leading busy lives juggling work, family, and friends, fast results are often what we're looking for from our skincare, especially if we suffer from blemish prone skin. Whilst Dermatologists like Dr Tabi Leslie assert that achieving clearer looking skin long-term is down to a 'simple, clinically-proven regime', concealers are a great way to see instant results while using a healthy skin regime.

There are lots of concealers out there, but there are also lots of skin types, lots of skin concerns and different age groups to consider. Choosing the correct concealer can often seem like an impossible task, so we’ve come up with a detailed guide for choosing the best concealer for blemish-prone skin

What colour concealer should I use?

Different concealers have different tones, which is useful as we all have different undertones. Our undertones are largely referred to as warm or cool. Those who have a warm undertone are usually olive skinned and tan easily. Cool toned people usually burn easier and have a ruddy complexion. For those with cool undertones who experience redness, concealers or primers with green in them are best. Green and red are complimentary colours and cancel each other out when used together. Similarly concealers with a yellow tone to them are good for those concerned with their under-eye area. These areas are often blueish in colour so are neutralised by yellow.

What consistency should my concealer be?

It is tempting to cover blemish prone skin by packing high coverage, long-wearing foundations on your skin, but this isn’t always the best way to cover imperfections. Liquid pen concealers are good for areas that need to be lightened, such as the inner corner of eyes. A liquid foundation is great for overall coverage, so for those with blemish prone skin who want to even out their skin tone this is a good option. Pigment-rich concealers are effective at neutralising blemishes rather than drawing attention to them. It is important to treat different problem areas with the correct consistency otherwise you could exacerbate the problem. For instance, using a skin illuminating consistency, like a sheer concealer or liquid pen, on blemishes could make them stand out on your face more.

Should I avoid any concealers?

When selecting concealers to cover blemish prone skin it’s important to pay particular attention to what ingredients are listed. Those with sensitive skin may be aware of certain ingredients which they find can aggravate their skin. It is a good idea to try one product at a time and apply to an area of skin which is not inflamed or broken. 

What coverage do different concealers offer?

Foundation coverage is fairly self-explanatory; sheer coverage foundations offer little coverage but will help to even out skin tone problems. Foundations which offer medium buildable coverage are most popular amongst those with blemish prone skin. They offer the option of applying more product to effected areas, whilst still being able to blend the foundation naturally. High coverage foundation offers full coverage, but can start to look cakey and settle in fine lines if applied too liberally. That said, they can be among the most effective in helping to cover and conceal blemishes. BB creams offer coverage similar to sheer coverage foundations, the benefit of these creams is that they are light-weight, so suitable so summer of hotter climates; they can also be worn under foundations.

Whilst there is no shortcut to achieving flawless skin, concealing your blemishes can be important for boosting your confidence and important occasions, when combined with the right skincare regime. Once you have identified the colour, consistency, and coverage you need, finding your perfect concealer will be a stress-free experience!


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