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8 tips to get rid of ‘bacne’

Keep it clean and exfoliate regularly. Leave it be! Use non-comedogenic skin care.

Cursed with acne on your back? Breakouts around the shoulders are common and need a tailored treatment. Expert and dermatologist Dr Justine Kluk gives us her eight ways to get rid of bacne.

1. Don’t pick

We keep saying it but it’s so tempting… Listen to the experts when they say “Don't squeeze or pick spots as this may introduce infection and can lead to scarring.”

2. Keep it clean 

Find a product to suit your skin, look for those specifically aimed at oily skin. Dr Kluk’s tip? “Check cleansers contain salicylic, lactic or glycolic acid as these all help reduce oiliness.”

3. Exfoliate kindly

“Gentle exfoliation once or twice a week can help reduce clogging of pores,” adds Dr Kluk. But remember to use a soft exfoliator, as some can strip the skin due to being too harsh or due to over scrubbing, which can increase inflammation.

4. Go for SPF

The sun does not ‘dry out’ spots so make sure the troubled area is fully covered when in the sunshine. “Protect affected areas in the sun with a non-comedogenic of SPF 30 ” says the dermatologist.

5. Choose non-comedogenic skincare

“Make sure any moisturisers or skincare products are labelled oil free or non-comedogenic.”

6. Lose the sweaty gym kit

As sweat and dirt can wreak havoc on spots, “Make sure you remove sweaty gym clothes and have a shower as soon as possible after exercise,” says Dr Kluk.

7. Give Effaclar Duo + a chance

“Ask for advice at the pharmacy or try over-the-counter treatments like Effaclar Duo +, or other products containing retinol or benzoyl peroxide,” she recommends. 

8. Consult a professional

Dr Kluk’s last resort? “If these measures are not working, book an appointment with a dermatologist who specialises in acne to discuss prescription treatment.”

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