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How To Care for Sensitive Eyes

Not all areas of the skin are made the same, and some areas need more care than others. The skin around the eyes is especially thin and delicate, so it’s not surprising that people with sensitive skin often find their eyes need an extra bit of TLC.  

Sensitive eyes are a sign that your skin needs some extra care and comfort. If you have sensitive eyes, you might experience:   

- bags around the eyes 
- dehydrated-looking skin 
- skin prone to dryness 
- eyes feeling itchy, uncomfortable or watering often

For many people with sensitive skin, adding an eye cream to their regime is a valuable step, as it provides hydration and care tailored to that part of the face

3 expert tips for choosing and using sensitive eye cream

1. Pick your perfect formula

f your skin is sensitive, you’ll be looking for the product that has the least possible chance of upsetting its delicate balance. One way of doing this is to look for products that are suitable for sensitive eyes and designed for sensitive skin, such as Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour

2. Apply with care

When applying your product be mindful not to put it too close to the eyes themselves. It needs to go on the eye area, but only on the contour around the eye. Remember, the cream will travel as it sinks into your skin, so stick to the outer eye area. If you can feel the bone of the eye socket under your fingertip, you’re doing it right.Another habit to avoid is rubbing in the cream with a windscreen-wiper motion, pulling and dragging the delicate skin. Instead, pat it on with the tip of your ring finger along the top of the cheekbone and on the brow bone, and keep lightly patting with that fingertip until the cream is evenly spread out.

3. Regime

As with any skincare investment, routine is the key to success. Your eye cream can’t perform if you leave it on the shelf – you need to integrate it into your daily skincare regime, whether in the morning, evening or both. We would recommend applying your eye cream after you cleanse/tone. That way it goes straight onto clean skin. If you apply it later on in your process, it will sit on top of a layer of serum or moisturiser and won’t lie directly next to the delicate eye skin.

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