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How does the skincare ingredient Panthenol help the skin repair itself?

We've heard of Panthenol, but what exactly is it? Here's a quick guide to that essential ingredient found in healing creams and cosmetics.
10 Aug 2020

What is Panthenol?

Found in several products including pharmaceuticals, skincare and beauty products like moisturiser, ointments, shampoos, body lotions and even eye drops, Panthenol works on a variety of symptoms in different ways specifically helping with healing skin.

Burns and skin

Often found in sunburn lotion to treat skin, repairing the damage done by minor burns, you’ll find products with 2–5% Panthenol on the shelves before you head out on holiday. You might also come across it in a tattoo parlour for skin regeneration and soothing. Helping to hydrate skin, and also to soothe, Panthenol also works towards stopping itching and possible irritations too.

Healing and shiny!

Used in shampoo too, in lower dosages, did you know Panthenol coats the hair follicle, giving off a little extra shine?

How does it work?

Panthenol is absorbed into the skin, into its membranes, very quickly turning into pantothenic acid, which binds water and thus enhances hydration. It also encourages cell growth. A provitamin of B5, it’s most commonly used in emollients and moisturisers.

Why should I use panthenol?

La Roche Posay uses Panthenol in its Cicaplast range due to its beneficial skin healing properties. In combination with zinc and madecassosside, it’s present in both Cicaplast Baume B5 with SPF 50 which restores and nourishes skin, as well as in the Baume B5, which can be used on cases of nappy rash or minor burns to form a protective barrier. Tested for babies over 3 months old, the Baume B5 is a favourite with mums seeking to prevent sore little bottoms!

It’s also found in La Roche Posay’s Cicaplast Lips (also suitable for children) and with a mix of Shea butter and MP Lipids, makes for a great soothing, nourishing balm that protects and moisturises lips.

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