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Protecting my Skin from Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatments may affect your skin, whether it is chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, or hormone therapy. You may have discussed the possible changes you could experience with your healthcare team, and while the list of these may seem daunting rest assured that you will not experience all of these, and some effects may be very mild.

Protecting My Skin


By now, your doctor will have discussed your upcoming cancer treatment options. Depending on which cancer treatment you are receiving (radiotherapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy…), your body may go through different changes. When certain therapies kill cancerous cells, they can also affect healthy cells, potentially damaging your skin, nails and hair along the way.

The following side effects will not impact all patients during a cancer treatment.

Now is the time to begin taking care of yourself. Prepare, nourish and protect your body from the effects of your cancer therapy in order to feel at your best during your treatment.

Looking at a list of side effects can seem daunting; it is important to remember that you will not experience every one of them. You may know hair loss, your nails may start to flake, and your skin might become dry and itchy. These side effects all depend on how your body responds to your treatment, so it is a good idea to educate yourself on them, and on how you can begin to prepare your skin for the treatments that will come ahead.

Your medical team should be your first point of contact, so do not hesitate to ask your oncologist, dermatologist and nurses about the effects of cancer treatment will have on you.


Selfcare is fundamental to help you feel at your best at a time when you may feel out of control of your body. Below you will find some tips to protect and nourish your skin, hair and nails.

Soothe your skin from treatment side effects

Protect your hair from treatment side effects


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