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The best products to use in your shower routine

The best products to use in your shower routine

A daily shower is a great way to wake up the body in the morning, or wind down before bed - not to mention provide dedicated time to care for your skin. Discover our simple steps to caring for your skin in the shower and the products to use.

Step 1: Exfoliate

First things first, if you normally shave in the shower, it’s advisable to exfoliate the skin first. This lifts flat-lying hairs and helps to create a smooth surface for your razor to glide across. It also removes oil and dead skin from the body. Even if you aren’t shaving, regular exfoliation once or twice a week will help to keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing.

To add an exfoliating step into your shower routine, try La Roche Posay Effaclar Micro-Peeling Purifying Gel Wash. Suitable for the face and body, it deeply unclogs pores and targets persistent imperfections by gently micro-exfoliating the skin and refining pores. This also makes it an effective way of treating back acne and congestion on the body.

Step 2: Cleanse

Dry and sensitive skin can be aggravated by very hot water and perfumed products, so try to keep your shower water at a lukewarm temperature. You should also use gentle emollients to cleanse with such as La Roche-Posay Lipikar Cleansing Oil.

Lipikar Cleansing Oil is formulated for dry and uncomfortable skin and can also protect the skin from the drying effects of hard water. It does this by delivering essential lipids that leave the skin soft and soothed. This protects and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier function, keeping irritants out and moisture in. Alternatively, Lipikar Shower Gel is a soap-free option for very dry on the face and body. Also suitable for eczema-prone skin. It’s enriched with niacinamide and helps restore the skin’s cutaneous barrier and soothe any feelings of tightness.

Step 3: Hydrate

Once you’re out of the shower, lock in moisture with a body oil, balm or moisturiser. La Roche-Posay Iso Urea Body Milk helps to relieve dryness and reduce roughness while restoring the skin’s barrier. It also absorbs quicky into the skin so you won’t be left with any stickiness once you get dressed. Alternatively, Lipikar Baume AP+M provides triple-action efficacy to dry skin: immediate soothing, anti-scratching, and anti-dry skin flare-ups. Apply it straight after your shower – not forgetting your face – to immediately soothe the skin and provide up to 48 hours of hydration while reducing the frequency of dry skin flare-ups.

If summer weather has left the skin on your body feeling very dry and exposed, you could also consider using Posthelios Gel. Formulated with 10% lipid-replenishing and soothing agents, it soothes and moisturises the skin leaving you feeling instantly more comfortable.

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